{Style Bite} Spring Rolling Up

photo: @raydenesalinas site: raydene.co

A “Style Bite” is an actionable and usually free styling trick you can do to add flair to your current wardrobe. 

Tuck in your favorite silk shirt into your pants. For a fresh spring look roll up your pants and add a hat! 

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{Style} Key Spring Transitional Piece: Leather Jacket


You know the drill. Wake up. Look outside.  It looks warm…the sun is out…but is it really warm? This is the New Yorker thought process when getting ready during the spring season. 

My go to transitional piece is: The Leather Jacket. The one I have on in the picture is designed by my bestie Jameelah Booker of BookerNYC. If you didn’t know now you know. Boom.  

Here are few other options (vegan too) that I think are perfect for this time of year. Get one (or two)


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{Life} Lyra Photoshoot


I’ve always wanted to do a professional photoshoot with my aerial hoop. I finally got the opportunity to do just that with photographer Cristian Buitron and my friend Joanna (fellow aerialist). 

Just to let you know the back story. We shot in Long Island. The morning started off raining turning misty and freezing by the water.  Joanna and I took turns shooting, giving our frozen hands a break.  However, we had such a great time. Oh the things we do to get “the shot”!  Boy did we get plenty!! 


This shot was reposted on @usaerial Instagram page. It has over 1k likes already! 

I will be posting more images as I get them on my Instagram page and my professional page

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{Feature} I’m a “Lady Gun”

Angela Denae_Lady Gun

This week I was so happy to see I was featured on the launch of the brilliant site “Lady Guns Global” !

The definition of a lady gun (noun, informal): an important or powerful woman who has inspired another, with or without knowing that she has

It brings me tremendous joy and pride to read about other inspiring women who are thriving in their truth and doing what they love. It is humbling being in such great company.

Get inspired.

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Instagram + Twitter: ladygunsglobal

{Style} Sneaking In Some Spring

Daylight savings time is about to start and the days are starting to feel a tiny bit longer.  I’m ready to add a  spring touch to my wardrobe! Maybe if we buy more spring pieces, spring will come back to us faster!

Here are a few things that are in my shopping basket to get ASAP:
The Fringe Bag: The easy way to ease into the fringe trend.
Fringe Bag_Simons_CA
Source: Simons.ca
The Shirt Dress: I mean this look is so classic, easy and with clean lines. Love it.
Shirt Dress_Bloomingdales
Source: Bloomingdales
The Fringe Skirt: At first I was not a fan but I would rock this with a button down, denim jacket and sneakers. Done.
Fringe Skirt_Bloomingdales
Source: Bloomingdales
What spring pieces are you coveting?
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That’s Me!!: Dove Campaign “Love Your Curls”

The end of 2014 was a beautiful whirlwind for me because I was selected from an international open call to be in a hair campaign.  I had no idea it was actually for Dove until I was asked to come in to the first interview.  I sent in pictures of my myself and my hair to the casting email.  Before I knew it I was on a flight (business class…whoop!) to Brussels to shoot the campaign with 9 other beautiful curly haired women.  The only people who knew about it were my family, as I had to keep it secret until after it came out.

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to be a part of this natural hair movement with Dove.  I truly love my curls. Prior to having “natural” hair; since the age of 13 years old I had my hair chemically relaxed. It was in my late twenties that I decided that I wanted to let my hair grow out the way it naturally is.  It took some time to learn how to take care of my new curly hair, definitely trial and error.  I think it can be a coming into yourself.  Not all curls are created equal, even on your own head! I discovered that less is more for my hair routine.  Especially after my hair was cut for the shoot :).  I’m back to short hair again but “Oh I love it, love it” #byeafro

Yours in style + curls,


Winter Normcore: How To Wear Distressed Jeans During Winter


Here is to a little styling inspiration on Youtube.  I wanted to show you a way to wear your beloved distressed jeans during these colder days.  All you have to do is add an extra layer or two like I did with my mesh hoodie.  Then be sure to wear thin leggings or tights under your jeans to keep the layer party going!   Top it with a cool wool hat and you are ready to go:

Get Inspired.  Shop The Look.

Style Closet Life Angela Denae Winter Normcore Style Outfit


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{Life} I’m An Aerial Artist In Training

Sooooo….I’m asked daily this one question: “What do you do to work out? Your _____ are amazing”  I wrote a story about it…wanna hear it? Here it goes:

I grew up doing competitive cheerleading all the way through college. Yes, I did standing back tucks, tumbled and thrown in the air for entertainment. IT.WAS.THE.BEST!!  Cheerleading was my first love…many moons ago. [Editors Note:  I can still do a standing back tuck on a mat!]


After college I had a stint as a professional dancer with the New Jersey Devils Dancers (which as of this year they know longer have).  It was an amazing experience! This was back when I had straight hair which allowed me to do all the “hairography” (aka hair whipping during high energy dances) necessary to entertain the hockey match masses. So serious.


After that I stopped dancing for awhile; eventually realizing that I missed expressing myself through movement. That’s when I started training at Body + Pole on the Lyra (Aerial Hoop). I took my first class and was addicted! I love the fact that I can get a full body work out (plus a little cardio) just by creating shapes in a hoop. What I love about it is that I feel strong and graceful all at the same time.  Yes, it requires upper body strength, but you get that by doing it!  My goal is to have an act that I can perform at different venues. “The Aerial Stylist” is catchy right? ;)

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.25.39 AM

Through training at Body + Pole I have met so many magical and interesting creatives who dedicate their lives to their aerial art, may it be Pole, Lyra or Silks.  The friendships that I’ve fostered there have forever changed my life. I’m eternally grateful.

Catch some of my lyra freestyle posts on my Instagram Page:  http://instagram.com/styleclosetlife

Its a funny thing to see that on my FB page I’m ONLY “People You May Know” I’m matched up with are those who are in the aerial world, dancers or stylists.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yours In Style (& Aerial),


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Instagram + Facebook: BODYANDPOLE



If you are interested in trying a class at Body & Pole they are offering 1 FREE Aerial/Flex Class + 1 FREE Conditioning Class to clients who are new to the studio for the month of DECEMBER 2014.

To redeem: 
-Set up a MindBody user profile [Go to www.bodyandpole.com —>Click “Sign Up For Class” Button—>Click “Sign Up!”]
-Then call (212.334.6900), or come in, and have someone at the front desk assign the classes to your account

{Style} Rings, Necklaces, Jewelry Oh My!


Faye (Fashion Hound) is a genius at finding fashion places for us to check out! When she told me about Showplace Antiques, I had no idea we were literally going to a jewelry candy land when I met her at the lovely Ms. Sheri Weiss’s vintage jewelry shop.

(Learn more about Sheri on Faye’s Q+A)

We had so much fun TRYING to select all the pieces we wanted to shoot! Can you imagine?  Sheri has THOUSANDS of vintage pieces in her shop.  My mind was in jewelry shock.  I styled this look with a striped crop shirt from Express and my silver vintage skirt from Housing Works.  The boots are from Nasty Gal purchased over a year ago. #teamnonewclothes

I did not have enough fingers to show it all without looking crazy in the NY streets. Hahaha.

Find your own treasures from her here:

Boo Bear Baubles

Ruby Lane

Thanks again for the fabulous time Faye and Sheri ;)

Yours In Style,


SCL_Sherri-Jewelry_Grafitti SCL_Shari-Jewelery_Angle SCL_Sherri-Jewelry_Back-Shot SCL_Sherri-Jewelry_Rings-And-Things SCL_Sherri-Jewelry_Shoe-Shot

{Style} Oversized Coats + Thrift Shopping with New Friends

Angela Denae_StyleClosetLife_Oversized Coat

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of playing with clothes with the fabulous Faye the “Eco Stylist” and creator of Fashion Hound!  She is also the Style Ambassador for the Salvation Army (think styling and shopping at thrift stores full time!! Can we say DREAM JOB?) to show others how to reduce your fashion footprint and stay in style at the same time.

Clearly, we have PLENTY in common.

Faye_Fashion Hound_Scouting Location

{Faye Scouting The Location}

 We met at the Salvation Army in Manhattan (46th St Location) to find outfits to style and shoot together.  I’ve had this oversized coat that I scored at the Housing Works Buy The Bag store for a minute.  I’ve been dreaming of shooting it with a full tone on tone look.

It is a easy way to make an outfit look more sophisticated and expensive.

I found the sweater, skirt and the shoes at the Salvation Army…among other things that I will be sharing on a later post! (I had to literally stop myself from shopping).

Check out the outfit 

Angela Denae_StyleClosetLife_Oversized Coat_Details


Angela Denae_StyleClosetLife_Oversized Coat_Sitting

What do you feel about wearing all one color?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Also, be sure to follow Faye on Instagram and her blog: http://fashionhound.tv/

Photographer Credit: Faye Delanty (Fashion Hound)

Yours In Style,