{The Aspiring Stylist} I want to be a stylist, now what?

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Question of every week:  I want to get into fashion styling. How do I start?

When I began thinking of being a legit stylist, it was just a hobby of mine for years.  I would go to my friends apartments to help them get ready for dates, events, etc.  I was always asked where I got my outfits.  It wasn’t until I was becoming more and more unhappy working the 9-5 cycle, that I started to consider doing it as a full-time career.

I googled the hell out of “How to be a stylist” for months.  I eventually came upon the School of Style.  I decided to invest in my dream career and take the courses. This was what propelled me the industry rather quickly because the network of stylists looking for interns/assistants through School of Style is DEEP.

With that said…you start with internships.

Internships help gauge your true desire for being in the industry.  The best part about doing an internship for me was to show me what I did and don’t want to do in the styling industry. I went in with an open mind, leaving my internship years with a clear picture of how I wanted to move forward in my career.

There are many directions you can go into the styling world, but first you must intern to experience them first hand.  You know what they say: “Experience is the best teacher.”

Go get it.

Yours In Style,



{Style + Life} Vintage and Whiskey

…And that sums up all the things that I need in any shopping experience.  The Mobile Vintage Shop is one of my favorite places in Brooklyn.  It is owned by my dear friend, Tiffany.  She is the lovely one pictured with me below.

The clothing selection is beautifully curated (good for those of you who hate going through the usual overwhelming thrift store selections), the vibe is chill and there is always a drink to be had while you browse. Did I mention that everything is $10 bucks?  My friends love this place and have fostered many new friendships just from going there to hang out + shop.  You will always make a new connection or friend if you stay long enough :).

Don’t  be surprised if you see me there. I’m a regular. I love the conversation, vintage finds and mostly the creative community that has been curated amongst the vintage finds.

Photography: Raydene Salinas



 Yours In Style,


{Style + Life} Follow The Light

Angela-Denae-2015-07July_MS_3350 Angela-Denae-2015-07July_MS_3299 Angela-Denae-2015-07July_MS_3330

In my mind, walking into AP Cafe is akin to walking into heaven. You are surrounded by all you could ever want in coffee, white walls with minimalist furnishing, all the while being in a beautiful space filled with calming light.

Wait, I may be thinking of my aspirational loft space.

If you want to drink a dream (as I am in these shots); I highly suggest trying their Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Yum.

Thank me later. You’re welcome.

Outfit Deets:

White Dress: Minnoji

Rings: Eleanor Kalle

Shoes: Steve Madden (purchased years ago)

Photography: Raydene Salinas

Yours In Style,


{Life} Sunday Fun Day

This Sunday I spent riding my bike to Williamsburg to check out a new spot Miusa a wine bar with my friends.  Of course, I was sweating bullets by the time I arrived but boy was it a cool fresh breath of air to walk into this beautiful space. 

The servers were very friendly, warm and welcoming. The drinks and food were top notch.  I would just go there to hang out any day. 


{Life} June Round Up (Part 2)

The month of June ending with a bang! Full of celebrations, love and PRIDE!  I played the resident photographer + supporter of the Booker Cocktail Party, in support of my friend Jameelah Booker’s Indiegogo Campaign (see previous post here).  The chef of the evening was Kiele Turrini (aka creative triple threat…check out her site).  Friends and supporters come from near and far (ahem, Manhattan) to celebrate the future success of Booker.

Friday was the usual turn up at the Set It Off Hip Hop Party, my favorite party in Brooklyn to hangout and dance.  Go alone, go with friends either way it is always a good time.  The party had even more energy due to it being New York Pride weekend.  #marriageequality #loveislove

Yours In Style,


Angela Denae The Photographer Set upIMG_4478 IMG_5469 IMG_4408

Set It Off_Edits-5.15.2015-3 Set It Off_Edits-5.15.2015-9 Set It Off_Edits-5.15.2015-11 (1)

{Life} June Round Up (Part 1)

Coco The Fashion Pup

Life all fashion and no play is ok…but not at glorious as making memories with friends who you consider FAMILY!  June is my birthday month and to my surprise my amazing friends threw me a birthday celebration!

I thought I was going to my best friend Jameelah’s house to do some business work….on a Sunday (not unusual for us). SIKE! I opened the door to all of my friends there!  It was filled with food, drinks, laughter and one of my favorite pups wearing a denim jacket.  I’m blessed in the friend department for sure.


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11393057_10104586296766336_2844021669143170094_n 11390284_10104586293667546_8247520355970095085_n 11428731_10104586295613646_7845274340147376075_n 11406995_10104586294006866_5659133816609383221_n Surprise!!!

Yours In Style,


{Style} RockBox It Girl + Free Offer For YOU!

RocksBox _styleclosetlifexoxo

I’m an It Girl.  An #RBITGIRL to be exact.  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to RocksBox  a premium jewelry subscription box service.  Get brand new accessories to rock with your outfits each month, with the lowest subscription starting at $19/month.  But way pay to try it out? I have a code that you can use to see how you LOVE it for FREE.

I will be showing how I wear my RocksBox jewelry here on the blog and on Instagram 

Click Here To Sign Up for your FREE MONTH.

Be sure to use my code: styleclosetlifexoxo 

How It Works

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.27.52 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.28.03 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.28.15 AM

 Yours In Style,


{Style} T-shirt + Leather Skirt. YES.


I believe my entire outfit cost me less than 50 bucks. Hey Hey what do you say!?!  Awesome right?

In other news, you have to be strategic about wearing leather in the summer time.  It can be done, but it helps when it’s not a muggy day. If you think you’re going to sweat more than normal, don’t do it to yourself. Hahaha.  To make the vintage pieces more like my style, I love to add hats and jewelry to my otherwise BASIC outfit. (well…a yellow leather skirt is not super basic, but you get the idea).

 Outfit Deets

T-shirt + Vintage Leather Skirt: Mobile Vintage

Hat: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Sheep Shades

Shoes: Zara

Palm + Ring Hand Chain: Forever 21

All Photography: Raydene Salinas

Angela-Denae-2015-06June_MS_1086 Angela-Denae-2015-06June_MS_1071 Angela-Denae-2015-06June_MS_1059


Yours In Style,