{The Aspiring Stylist} Nail Your First Impression

Key stylists are generally always in a hurry when working on a project or prepping for a shoot.  When you are first working with a new stylist, you need to be sure you set a great first impression so that you are asked to come back to work on more projects.  Here a few tips:

Be on time

And by being on time, I mean at least 5-10 mins early. If you are too early, it is annoying to the stylist as they are probably not ready to give you tasks until you arrive.  Allow yourself time to get lost, get stuck on a train , so that you can arrive unscathed and respectful of the stylists schedule.  It also sets on how it would be for the stylist to work with you more often.

Write it out

Be ready with a note pad and pen in hand to take notes (or your phone).  This is not the time to test your memory.  It is easy to to forget small details when a stylist is rambling off things that you need to do for them.

Use your noggin and Google

Can’t find the showroom using the directions that your stylist gave you? Don’t you dare call the key stylist to ask where it is! Or heaven forbid come back saying you just couldn’t find it.  Exhaust all other options before reaching out to them.  Call your fellow assistant stylists/interns to help you or Google it to get the contact information from the showroom.  Common sense for the win!

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{Life} Afro Punk Fest 2015

I remember my first Afro Punk back when it was in this teeny tiny section by BAM in Brooklyn, circa 2008. My, oh my has this festival grown.  The beautiful shades of all colors is the most breathtaking part of this festival. The space Afro Punk has created is safe, warm and all-inclusive. The people watching was so good! It was a gentle reminder of how gorgeous we all are when we are comfortable in our own skin.

Then there were the performers! Yes. All the Yes.  It was a pleasure to hear the sounds of Lion Babe, SZA, and Ms. Lauren Hill among other talented artists in the midst of beautiful souls.

I wanted to share some shots from the festival, which includes my friends 💗 and other views:


{The Aspiring Stylist} Psychic Assistant: How to read your key stylist’ mind

clothing rack

How To Anticipate What Your Key Stylist  Needs:

Be calm, assured and shut the hell up:   This is not the time to be their shadow or to talk about their wardrobe selections. Don’t give your opinion unless asked. PERIOD. This is so huge. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the look personally.  Guess what?!? It’s not your photo shoot. You are just there to assist the key stylist behind the scenes.

Put yourself in their shoes: What would you want prepped without you asking your assistant?

Wardrobe prepped before dressing the models (steamed and merchandised for first edit)

Accessories laid out on the table (by type: necklaces, rings, earrings, you get it) so s/he can easily pick out the items 

Favorite Snacks and water on hand for in between shots. (Key stylists often forget to eat while on set)

Watch the stylist on set:  You will learn the flow of your key stylist the more you work with them. The faster you “get” them the more valuable you will seem in their eyes.  It’s all about getting tasks done BEFORE they ask.

What do they often ask for when getting ready to dress the model?

Make sure you have her clips ready in case she runs out.  

See that a shoe is not taped during the edit? Tape it before it goes on the model.

Double checking credits before putting the looks away, organizing/packing the unused accessories while the shoot is coming to an end, etc.

Best of luck on set! Get it :)

Yours in style,


{Style} Start with the accessories


When accessories are your outfit.

Clothes aren’t always the focal point when deciding what to wear.  I often find myself wanting to wear a certain earring, necklace or bag first, then working backwards to figure out what exactly goes with it.  It’s a common way that stylists start the conception of the outfits they create.  You can do the same!

Outfit Deets

Earrings: Eleanor Kalle 

Jumpsuit: Minnoji

Clutch: Gigi New York 

All Photography: Raydene Salinas


{The Aspiring Stylist} Stop Drop Record

Take Notes

Get in the habit of recording your daily tasks for each stylist.  I worked with a stylist who required me to send her a summary of everything that I did for her after each day.

I mean everything: drop offs, pick ups, laundry inventory, bathroom breaks (just kidding, seeing if you’re paying attention) etc.  The more details the better.

This was my first internship, so I thought it was the norm.  When I did it for other stylists that I worked with after, they thought it was the best thing since sliced bread!

It can be crazy making in the beginning, but if you can get into the routine of tracking all that you do throughout the day for the stylist and reporting it back to them (whenever you work for them), it makes you viewed as a more valuable and accountable intern that they can now see as a potential assistant. Boom.

Do this without asking if its ok at first, it gives you a way of showing that you are more than just a task taker to the stylist.  They will either say, yes this is amazing keep sending these or say that it’s not necessary to send them the summary.  

Either way you will boost your self as more than just a simple intern who mindlessly takes orders. #winning

Yours In Style,


{The Aspiring Stylist} Be about that life…experience


Life Experience. Also known as deciding “late” in the game that you want to become a stylist.

Who would have thought that common sense, getting to work on time and ability to take direction is a rare gem in the styling internship world.  If you use those skills right, you will possibly move up faster from internship to paid assistant work

If you are good with organizing, following up correspondence and administrator work you can market yourself at a higher value to stylists in your cover letter.

I have a stylist friend who started her styling career by way of  being a virtual stylist assistant while working full-time behind the desk.  She did the “administrative” work like researching for the stylist clothing requests, doing market, kept track of their budgets (expenses) and any other desk work they may need.  This allowed the key stylist to focus on styling, shopping and doing showroom appointments for their shoots.

You’re never to late to use your experience to go towards the career of your dreams.

Yours In Style,


{Style} Just say no to the body con dress


I hardly ever wear a dress that is super tight on me.  I’m actually anti-body con.  #sorrynotsorry  I love the ease in this chambray Minnoji dress that can be dressed up and down.  The button down details make this look!  While the softness of the chambray material urges you to wear this dress ALL OF THE TIME.

Let’s be real, being able to eat and breath at the same time is A-OK!

An easy dress is one that you instantly think of when needing an outfit that is cool + effortless.  To put your own personal stamp of style on it; wear you favorite sneakers, wedges or like I did here: lace up gladiator sandals.  I finished the look with a set of the gorgeous Elenor Kalle rings!

 Outfit Deets

(click links for details to buy)

Dress: Minnoji (Zion Dress)

Shoes: Forever 21 (similar pair)

Rings: Eleanor Kalle

Bag: Forever 21 (similar)

Sunglasses: Mobile Vintage Shop

Photographer: Raydene Salinas 

Angela-Denae-2015-07July_MS_2981 Angela-Denae_Denim

Yours In Style,


{The Aspiring Stylist} I want to be a stylist, now what?

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 9.32.22 AM

Question of every week:  I want to get into fashion styling. How do I start?

When I began thinking of being a legit stylist, it was just a hobby of mine for years.  I would go to my friends apartments to help them get ready for dates, events, etc.  I was always asked where I got my outfits.  It wasn’t until I was becoming more and more unhappy working the 9-5 cycle, that I started to consider doing it as a full-time career.

I googled the hell out of “How to be a stylist” for months.  I eventually came upon the School of Style.  I decided to invest in my dream career and take the courses. This was what propelled me the industry rather quickly because the network of stylists looking for interns/assistants through School of Style is DEEP.

With that said…you start with internships.

Internships help gauge your true desire for being in the industry.  The best part about doing an internship for me was to show me what I did and don’t want to do in the styling industry. I went in with an open mind, leaving my internship years with a clear picture of how I wanted to move forward in my career.

There are many directions you can go into the styling world, but first you must intern to experience them first hand.  You know what they say: “Experience is the best teacher.”

Go get it.

Yours In Style,



{Style + Life} Vintage and Whiskey

…And that sums up all the things that I need in any shopping experience.  The Mobile Vintage Shop is one of my favorite places in Brooklyn.  It is owned by my dear friend, Tiffany.  She is the lovely one pictured with me below.

The clothing selection is beautifully curated (good for those of you who hate going through the usual overwhelming thrift store selections), the vibe is chill and there is always a drink to be had while you browse. Did I mention that everything is $10 bucks?  My friends love this place and have fostered many new friendships just from going there to hang out + shop.  You will always make a new connection or friend if you stay long enough :).

Don’t  be surprised if you see me there. I’m a regular. I love the conversation, vintage finds and mostly the creative community that has been curated amongst the vintage finds.

Photography: Raydene Salinas



 Yours In Style,


{Style + Life} Follow The Light

Angela-Denae-2015-07July_MS_3350 Angela-Denae-2015-07July_MS_3299 Angela-Denae-2015-07July_MS_3330

In my mind, walking into AP Cafe is akin to walking into heaven. You are surrounded by all you could ever want in coffee, white walls with minimalist furnishing, all the while being in a beautiful space filled with calming light.

Wait, I may be thinking of my aspirational loft space.

If you want to drink a dream (as I am in these shots); I highly suggest trying their Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Yum.

Thank me later. You’re welcome.

Outfit Deets:

White Dress: Minnoji

Rings: Eleanor Kalle

Shoes: Steve Madden (purchased years ago)

Photography: Raydene Salinas

Yours In Style,