{Style} Nose ring or nah?

Body jewelry as always intrigued me, however the Gemini in me makes me change my mind often about what I want permanently on my body.  I love the look of piercings so thank goodness there are faux ways to try it on for size.

Here are a few of my faves:
Fresh Trends Septum
Source: Fresh Trends
Urban Outfitters
Source: Urban Outfitters
Source: Sliced (Etsy)
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{Life} Escape from the city


Last weekend I purposely got lost in the woods with my girlfriend for a quick getaway from the city…into a tree house :).  The peacefulness of fall and nature was a much needed break from the never ending energy of New York.  This magical place is located in Newtown, CT on 60 acres of land called Sticks and Stones Farm. There were free range chickens, gorgeous trees, falling leaves and kittens! One who in particular followed us around a couple of times (SO CUTE!) It was such a lovely and relaxing experience.  I highly recommend you going away for a weekend, because it’s nice to just #treatyoself.

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{Style} Breathe and Stop


Most of my downtime is found while waiting on the train.  For some of us, it is the only time where we can disconnect from our phones and take some time to zone out from everyone around us.  The keys escaping for a moment for me is reading a book! What are some of your favorite books to read while riding on a train?

Outfit Deets:

Sweater + Jeans: The Mobile Vintage Shop

Shoes + Bag: Random Thrifting Finds

Earrings: Katra Awad 

Glasses: Warby Parker

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Angela-Denae-2015-09Sept_MS_1813 Angela-Denae-2015-09Sept_MS_1714 Angela-Denae-2015-09Sept_MS_1733

{Style} Leather + The Tee


Strapless anything can give a new look when you layer it on top of a t-shirt.  If you’re feeling extra fancy, a button up is the jam too.  I think that layering is always the way to go when you want to make your “old” pieces look new again.  Take some time this week to play around in your closet to see what you can layer up.

Outfit Deets:

Leather Dress: random vintage shop

T-shirt: The Mobile Vintage

Necklace: Kings Of Oblivion 

Glasses: The Row

Boots: Jeffery Campbell

Photography: Raydene Salinas

Angela-Denae-2015-09Sept_MS_1351 Angela-Denae-2015-09Sept_MS_1381


{Style} Skirting The Edge of Fall


The fall chill is on and popping.  I decided to take advantage of the mildly chilly weather (aka. It’s only cold in the morning then still warm during the day) while it lasted.  I think we are now on the tail end of that actually.  It’s getting colder in NY by the minute. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo…


This outfit came about from 2 different vintage shopping trips about a year apart.  You know when you find a piece that you just have to have, but aren’t really sure how it actually applies to real life…well that was my skirt.   I love it!!! I recently purchased the marled button up shirt at Mobile Vintage.  Pairing the masculine and super fem pieces together pretty much matches the story of life.  Contrast is always better.

Shot at the coffee shop in my neighborhood Marcy & Myrtle ! They have THE BEST cortado and cold brew. On top of being super cute inside and out.  The sugar they use is “Complicated Syrup” it’s not simple just so you know. No Basics. LOL

Outfit Deets:

Shirt- The Mobile Vintage Shop

Skirt- Thrifted

Belt- The Mobile Vintage Shop

Shoes- Crown Vintage

Yours In Style,


Photography: Raydene Salinas

Angela-Denae-2015-09Sept_MS_1570 Angela-Denae-2015-09Sept_MS_1609

Shadows + Shade


For the month of October, I’m reigning in the spending and shopping from my closet for free.99.  For this look I took advantage of the cooler weather to mix and match some of my go to pieces into one outfit.  Think outside of the box when putting together looks.  I used my vest dress as a sleeveless coat to layer over my black body suit.  The army green skater skirt is an easy to find style that can go with almost anything you pair it with.  The knee high boots add to the mod look.  Topped it off with my favorite crystal pendant necklace.

Outfit Deets:

Vest Dress/Coat: SheInside

Black Body Suit: SheInside

Skirt: Forever 21

Boots: Nine West

Belt: Mobile Vintage

Necklace: Katra Awad 

Photography: Raydene Salinas

Yours In Style,


Angela-Denae-2015-09Sept_MS_1448 Angela-Denae-2015-09Sept_MS_1431 Angela-Denae-2015-09Sept_MS_1485


Booker: The Presentation


I had the pleasure of witnessing a friend’s dream manifest into reality.  It all went down on Friday September 11th at 12PM, at Refinery Hotel.  You heard all about Jameelah when I posted about her Indigogo campaign.  The models were a mix of gorgeous personal friends, models, family and ambassadors of BookerNYC.  The makeup and styling team was on point and a pleasure to work with so early in the morning throughout the afternoon. To see this all come together was a magical moment.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Booker dreams up next season…

Yours In Style,